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Adding floor plan icons

There are a number of default floor plan icons (or droppables) available in PlanEdge. These allow you to show baths, windows, doors etc on the finished plan.   Icons are split into 4 sections to make selecting and adding them easier. There is also quick select bar with the most commonly used icons. the main sections are:

  • Doors and Windows
  • Bathrooms (Baths, Sinks, Showers etc)
  • Kitchens (Kitchen worktops, Cookers etc)
  • Miscellaneous (boilers, blocks etc)

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Choosing the right floor plan tablet

What do I need to consider when choosing my tablet.

The tablet needs to meets the minimum hardware requirements.  However there are other things that you should consider such as:

  • Battery Life
  • Do you want to use the tablet for anything else
  • Weight

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10 Reasons why our floor plan app is better than pen and paper

1. You can always read your writing – With PlanEdge everything is recorded digitally so there will never be that moment when you are trying to work out whether you have written a 6 or an 8 (or even a 9).Paper Floor Plan

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Drawing accurate floor plans with PlanEdge

I have been using PlanEdge for a few weeks now and I’m quickly realising its ability for quality control and to highlight any potential drawing errors on-site.

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A newcomer to drawing floor plans…

Before using PlanEdge, I had no experience with floor plans at all, not even sketching them with a pen and paper.

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Coloured floor plans – why are they useful?

Cloloured Floor Plan

Coloured floor plans can be a great advantage to potential buyers.

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3 Simple ways to measure floor plan wall thickness

If you’re not measuring wall thickness when you draw floor plans then here are some quick and easy ways to help you.

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Floor plan wall thickness – is it important?

When it comes to measuring plans accurately, one of the fundamentals is measuring the internal wall thickness.

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Drawing complex floor plans with angles and curves

PlanEdge Floor Plan

I’ve been drawing floor plans of properties for nearly 10 years now and there are still properties that are a challenge to measure.

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Easily add stairs to a floor plan

Adding stairs to a floor plan could not be more simple.

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