I have been using PlanEdge for a few weeks now and I’m quickly realising its ability for quality control and to highlight any potential drawing errors on-site.

This is a really important feature as it allows the user to investigate any potential issues without a revisit and get the plan 100% first time.

PlanEdge - Floor Plan
Here we have a straight forward plan of a bungalow, which over time has had a few edition made to the kitchen, conservatory and bathroom.

PlanEdge - Screen Grab

When drawing the kitchen you will notice from the final plan that there is a step where the old back wall of the property falls. On initial inspection I had missed this as it was hidden behind full height kitchen units. When I measure around the room I found the room fell short by 45cm, as I had not accounted for the step. Using PlanEdge highlighted the issue on-site as floor plans are drawn to scale and I was able to investigate and make the necessary changes.