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An analysis of various floor plan projects.

Larger than life properties

Drawing a standard house in PlanEdge is easy. But what happens when the property or building is Larger than life?

No problem.

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Floorplan Software designed with you in mind

It is the minds behind PlanEdge that ensures it is truly useful in the property marketing industry. To be successful, you need to know the customer inside out.

We’re all aware of technology coming along that professes to solve a problem you didn’t realise you had until you were offered a solution. Thrilled by the prospect of greater efficiency at work or home you adopt with aplomb, only to face disappointment.

Your new problem-solving, efficiency-driving tech is a damp squib. It’s not as intuitive as you’d like. That’s because it wasn’t designed by someone who has actually faced the issue themselves. The voice of the customer wasn’t loud enough.

PlanEdge is different.

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Comparison – PlanEdge against Traditional Pen & Paper

One of the most important questions asked about PlanEdge is how it compares to Traditional Pen & Paper.

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Drawing accurate floor plans with PlanEdge

I have been using PlanEdge for a few weeks now and I’m quickly realising its ability for quality control and to highlight any potential drawing errors on-site.

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A newcomer to drawing floor plans…

Before using PlanEdge, I had no experience with floor plans at all, not even sketching them with a pen and paper.

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Drawing complex floor plans with angles and curves

PlanEdge Floor Plan

I’ve been drawing floor plans of properties for nearly 10 years now and there are still properties that are a challenge to measure.

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