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Useful hints and tips for using PlanEdge

Adding rooms – Hints & Tips

Adding rooms in PlanEdge is simple, there are two factors to consider.
• How thick is the wall between the rooms
• Are the adjacent rooms “in line” or “offset”

In line

Here we can see that the top wall in both rooms is in line and we can easily measure the wall thickness. This is the quickest and easiest type of room to add, just a measurement for the wall thickness is needed.

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Choosing the right floor plan tablet

What do I need to consider when choosing my tablet.

The tablet needs to meets the minimum hardware requirements.  However there are other things that you should consider such as:

  • Battery Life
  • Do you want to use the tablet for anything else
  • Weight

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Coloured floor plans – why are they useful?

Cloloured Floor Plan

Coloured floor plans can be a great advantage to potential buyers.

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3 Simple ways to measure floor plan wall thickness

If you’re not measuring wall thickness when you draw floor plans then here are some quick and easy ways to help you.

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Easily add stairs to a floor plan

Adding stairs to a floor plan could not be more simple.

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