1. You can always read your writing – With PlanEdge everything is recorded digitally so there will never be that moment when you are trying to work out whether you have written a 6 or an 8 (or even a 9).Paper Floor Plan

2. No more bits of paper littering your desk – A wise man once predicted (in 1975) that all places of work would be paperless. Nearly forty years on and finally you can have the ability to remove all use of paper from your floor plan work flow. So next time you see a tree you can rest easy knowing that you aren’t contributing to cutting down its mates. Stack of paper

3. Never run out of ink or leads again – Anyone who has ever drawn floor plans with pen or pencil will know that your pen always runs dry at the least opportune moment. It will either be when you are at the furthest point possible from your bag or when all you have left to draw is a door. With our floor plan software the only thing you need to worry about in large houses is finding your way back to the front door. Pencil Leads

4. You don’t have to re-draw your plan again. With PlanEdge once you have drawn your plan once, that’s it! You don’t need to sit at your desk re-drawing it in CAD or waste time sending it off to someone else to re-draw. As soon as you have left the property that is it. Of course, you have the option to change room names, alter dimensions and add colours and water marks. But equally you can send the plan straight from site to your client’s inbox and the job is finished before you have even left the property.

5. No need to work out where to start drawing. With medium to large sized houses where you start on the paper can mean the difference between fitting the plan on one sheet or it taking up 3 pages. And no matter how carefully you look round first there will always be houses that catch you out or just will not fit on one sheet of paper. Our floor planning application doesn’t care where you start. The digital canvas can extend infinitely in any direction meaning you don’t even need to look round first; you can start drawing as soon as you walk through the door. Digital Canvas

6. Take the guess work out of off square houses. We’ve all had it. That wonky end of terrace, the multi-angled architectural masterpiece or even just a crooked old cottage. Sometimes working out what is going on and then putting that down on paper can be an absolute nightmare. Not to mention then interpreting that into CAD. With PlanEdge you have a range of tools at your disposal. You have the ability to triangulate every point in the room, should you wish, meaning even if you can’t work out what is going on the software can. You can also rise and run points of even draw it freehand. You can measure angles with protractors and input them into the plan or predict angles off previously drawn walls. The options are virtually endless to ensure that you can draw almost anything you encounter. Floor Plan

7. Your floor plans will be more accurate than ever. Our software allows you to measure everything you could want. Sinks, showers, baths, worktops, windows and doors are all able to be measured and positioned to within a centimetre. Likewise you can measure every little nook and cranny in a room which, along with the ability to input every wall thickness and offset means your square footages will be more accurate than ever. Of course, you don’t have to measure everything, and we have researched carefully standard sizes for everyday items such as doors and sinks to ensure that plans can be drawn both quickly and accurately.

8. It looks more professional. Image may be everything but there is no point in a product that looks great but doesn’t deliver on usability and end result. PlanEdge gives you both. No more dog eared paper and old fashioned drawing techniques. You’d evoke a chuckle and scepticism if you measured with a tape measure because a laser measure is unquestionably a better tool for the job. Just like the transition from letters to emails PlanEdge is the logical progression from paper.Man with bluetooth laser

9. Easily make changes and alterations. Rubbing out is a thing of the past, re-drawing rooms that you have put in the wrong place is no longer necessary. Our app allows you to go back and make alterations with ease. Connected a room off the wrong wall? No problem. Simply bring up the room mode and reconnect to the right place. It couldn’t be simpler. Edit floor plans

10. Know the gross internal area right there and then. We all know estate agents can be somewhat impatient. And in a fast paced property market time is everything. There is no more making excuses, counting boxes or guesstimating square footage. As soon as you have drawn the last room you can see the square footage and the agent can adjust their valuation and begin marketing immediately.Floor plan with square footage