PlanEdge - Digital floor plans on location | Draw on our expertise

Created on-site
Why not draw floor plans digitally on-site?
This means that plans get drawn once, simply and accurately, on-site. When you leave the building the plan is complete, so no re-drawing later where errors can occur and details can be missed.

Desktop enabled
Seamless integration with your desktop computer enables PlanEdge to integrate with any workflow process. So no matter where you need to access plans, on-site or at your desk, one familiar application works in both places.

Bluetooth laser compatible
Pairing your tablet to a Bluetooth enabled laser allows fast and accurate transfer of measurements, directly in to PlanEdge. Visual feedback gives instant confirmation that the data has transferred successfully.

Windows tablet
Using a Windows tablet provides a familiar environment and a powerful tool. The touch enabled interface allows you to input data through simple and intuitive gestures, leaving you free to perform the task in hand.
Hardware Specs

Advanced features
Using advanced features such as triangulation enables you to measure rooms more precisely than ever before. Curved walls can be measured with high degrees of accuracy creating plans which are true to life.

Simple to edit
Your floor plans can be easily edited or updated. Any element can be re-measured and the floor plan will adjust to incorporate the changes. Once the plan is sent to a client, they can use a simple editor to change room names and other graphical elements.