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Welcome to PlanEdge
A floor plan software solution that enables you to draw plans of buildings directly on to a Windows 8 Tablet, enabling you to create a finished plan, on-site quickly and accurately. We were amazed to discover that companies draw floor plans on-site with pen and paper, then re-produce the data again in CAD, either internally or via an outsourced supplier. Re-drawing plans internally is both costly and time consuming and outsourcing is fraught with interpretation errors and lengthy QC processes. PlanEdge offers a better way, draw floor plans digitally on-site, once!

Our Story
We were approached by a property company who had searched the market high and low for a floor plan software solution to drawing plans accurately. Other products did exist and fell into two camps, those using the time consuming traditional 2 step process of draw and re-draw later, or those which allow you to draw electronically on-site. The company had disregarded the traditional method as this was too costly and time consuming so they were looking for a solution to speed up the workflow and enable them to draw digitally on-site in one easy step.

We therefore set out to create a product that was designed for the real world. Working full-time with the client, we identified that the existing products were either incapable of drawing an accurate floor plan, or were completely over engineered. Some of these products excluded such basic features as internal wall thickness and angled walls, whilst other were so complex and drawing plans on-site was unfeasibly slow.

After 2 years of research and development PlanEdge was born. PlanEdge not only makes the job of drawing floor plans quicker from end to end, it also ensures accuracy with visual feedback as you draw. This ensures you leave the property with all of the details and a finished plan.

What people are saying
Following the launch of PlanEdge at the beginning of 2014 we have been overwhelmed by the response. PlanEdge is both powerful and flexible and allows you to construct buildings in many different ways enabling you to overcome the challenges of complex buildings. Customers are continually surprising us with new and inventive ways of drawing buildings with PlanEdge.
I’ve drawn hundreds of house plans¬†with pen and paper, give me PlanEdge any day!

Thank you to our Clients, Customers & Partners