PlanEdge Floor Plan

I’ve been drawing floor plans of properties for nearly 10 years now and there are still properties that are a challenge to measure.

Non square walls and curves still provide the biggest challenge.

Not too long ago I walked into a property that had me scratching my head for a few moments just trying to get my head around the place. Following a brief look around I decided to use the powerful triangulation feature of PlanEdge, which not only allows the triangulation of angles walls that are straight, but also of curved walls.

As you can see from the resulting floor plan the apartment was a particularly unusual shape. The main sitting room was drawn entirely through triangulation creating a very accurate translation. This then provides a building block for creating the adjacent rooms. There were very few parallel walls in the property but this plan cam together without too many difficulties.

I can’t even imagine having to draw this with pen and paper and then translate this data into a final plan or explain to someone else to do.