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Leica D2 (Bluetooth)

The Leica D2  Bluetooth offers the ability to transfer measurements to PlanEdge in a similar way to the other Leica models we support (see here).

Leica D2

Leica D2 Laser Measure

Supporting Bluetooth Smart V4.0 and with a multifunction end-piece with intelligent recognition to D2 is a great companion for PlanEdge. As of version 1.3 support for the D2 is included through use of the Leice Disto Transfer Software (please contact support for the connection document).

A great laser at a great price.

For technical details on the D2 please follow the link to the Leica Site. Click here



We’ve done it again – Version 1.3 Released

We’ve done it again Version 1.3 is here.

Building further on the new features in Version 1.2, the DEV team thought they would give you all an early Christmas present.

Version 1.3 adds client templates which allows each client to have a specific set of attributes. These include room names, layout positioning and most interestingly auto colouring of plans.

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New version 1.2 Released

Hold on to you hats, the new version of PlanEdge, V1.2 has released with new features galour. With support for excluded area and the new Outside Spaces mode (which allows you to draw gardens and site plans with ease) to name but a few.

Still drawing plans with pen and paper. Request a free trial and let us show you how to streamline work flow by drawing digital floor plans on-site once!


For a full list of everything that’s new visit the dedicated page here.

Small price to pay

Using PlanEdge to improve your workflow is a no brainer.

If you need to get hold of a Windows Tablet why not try one of these 7″ devices which are being sold cheap through the Argos Outlet on eBay. Just £44.99 inc VAT+P&P (at the time of writing this Blog), its a lot of tablet for the money and runs PlanEdge just fine.

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