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  1. Leica D2 (Bluetooth)

    The Leica D2  Bluetooth offers the ability to transfer measurements to PlanEdge in a similar way to the other Leica models we support (see here).…

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  2. Video Training Alternate Image

    Video Training – Outside Spaces

    Part of the PlanEdge Training Series:- Add Outside Spaces to you floorplan such as a patio and garden

  3. Man with tablet floor plan

    Tablet Floor plans | What makes a good House Plan?

    Floor plans are produced in a range of qualities. Some are little more than rough guides to layout and others show everything you might need…

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  4. Adding rooms – Hints & Tips

    Adding rooms in PlanEdge is simple, there are two factors to consider. • How thick is the wall between the rooms • Are the adjacent…

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  5. We’ve done it again – Version 1.3 Released

    We’ve done it again Version 1.3 is here. Building further on the new features in Version 1.2, the DEV team thought they would give you all…

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  6. New version 1.2 Released

    Hold on to you hats, the new version of PlanEdge, V1.2 has released with new features galour. With support for excluded area and the new…

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  7. Version 1.2 New Features

  8. Small price to pay

    Using PlanEdge to improve your workflow is a no brainer. If you need to get hold of a Windows Tablet why not try one of…

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  9. Larger than life properties

    Drawing a standard house in PlanEdge is easy. But what happens when the property or building is Larger than life? No problem.

  10. Which Laser?

    We often get asked which laser we recommend. One of the big advantages of using PlanEdge with a laser is the ability to use Bluetooth…

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