There are a number of default floor plan icons (or droppables) available in PlanEdge. These allow you to show baths, windows, doors etc on the finished plan.   Icons are split into 4 sections to make selecting and adding them easier. There is also quick select bar with the most commonly used icons. the main sections are:

  • Doors and Windows
  • Bathrooms (Baths, Sinks, Showers etc)
  • Kitchens (Kitchen worktops, Cookers etc)
  • Miscellaneous (boilers, blocks etc)

Below are some examples of adding icons. To see them in action, watch the PlanEdge Video. If you require custom icons we can create these for you.

Adding windows and doors to walls is easy. Measurements can be taken to fix the width and position on the wall. Alternatively theses can be placed by eye. Door options include standard doors, bi-fold and sliding.

Adding floor plan icons - Doors and windows


Bathroom icons such as baths and toilets are easily drawn within the room. Both size and rotation can be controlled to give the plan that realistic feel.

Adding floor plan icons - Bathrooms


Adding kitchen fittings is made easy with the same drag drop interface as other icons. Complicated kitchen units can be built with angled and rounded corners supported.

Adding floor plan icons -Kitchens
Miscellaneous icons such as blocks, boiler and skylights can also be added to any room.

Adding floor plan icons - Miscellaneous