It is the minds behind PlanEdge that ensures it is truly useful in the property marketing industry. To be successful, you need to know the customer inside out.

We’re all aware of technology coming along that professes to solve a problem you didn’t realise you had until you were offered a solution. Thrilled by the prospect of greater efficiency at work or home you adopt with aplomb, only to face disappointment.

Your new problem-solving, efficiency-driving tech is a damp squib. It’s not as intuitive as you’d like. That’s because it wasn’t designed by someone who has actually faced the issue themselves. The voice of the customer wasn’t loud enough.

PlanEdge is different.

It was created and designed by software company Boxcubic in conjunction with Exposure Property Marketing. The team at Exposure knew what problem the software had to solve, because they faced it every day.

Working together in this way has helped the two companies design a software programme that is truly innovative. But you don’t just need to take our word for it; Exposure has piloted the software throughout the business for 18 months and has seen staggering results.

Each floorplan drawn on PlanEdge saves upwards of 45 minutes compared to the same drawing using pencil and paper, then transferring to CAD. Accuracy has also increased dramatically, and although it’s tough to estimate, the company says errors in measurements have been eliminated entirely.

The company estimates that it is saving 1,000 hours per annum for three full-time photographers/floorplanners, and has generated cost avoidance of over £10,000 per year. Customer satisfaction is also up, following a reduction in errors and revisits, and time to train new floorplanners has nosedived.

Indeed, the increasing efficiency Exposure Property Marketing has seen it grab the attention of Business Improvement training company 100% Effective, which named the company as its first Business Improvement Hero for 2015 this January.

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