We often get asked which laser we recommend. One of the big advantages of using PlanEdge with a laser is the ability to use Bluetooth to transfer the measurements you take.

All of our customer currently use one of the Leica Disto range of lasers to take onsite measurements while using PlanEdge, with the D3aBT been the most popular.

We currently recommend the following lasers from the Leica Disto Range:

Leica Disto Range

Laser Disto Transfer Version Recommended for PlanEdge
D110 4.14 or above Yes
D3aBT (D330i) 4.02 or above Yes
D8 4.02 or above Yes
D510 Touch n/a No (see note)
D810 Touch n/a Yes

D510 note:

While the D510 Touch will send measurements via Bluetooth it is not possible to control the transfer method. This means that every time a measurement is taken this is sent to PlanEdge. Therefore when trying to calculate offset measurements (using the built in laser functions) every measurement is sent not just the result.


PlanEdge accepts measurements as though they were typed on a keyboard, so as long as the laser you want to use supports keyboard based emulation (either through an app supplied by the manufacturer or as part of the Bluetooth 4.0 implementation) then it should work just fine with PlanEdge. If you would like us to test your laser for compatibility then please use the contact form and get in touch.


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