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Version 1.2 New Features

Version 1.2 Released
PlanEdge version 1.2 has released with new features galour. With support for excluded area and the new Outside Spaces mode to allow drawing of Gardens and site plans with ease. See below for a full list of all that’s new in PlanEdge V1.2.

Hope you like all the added features and improvements we have made to PlanEdge.  

Version 1.2 builds on the success of V1.1 adding more features and enhancements. If you have an active subscription to PlanEdge you get the latest version as part of your on going subscription. With full support for Windows 10, take your plans to the next level.

Major New Features

Restricted Head Height and Voids

Support for 2 additional block types:

Restricted Head Height (RHH), Voids (Voids/Other)

Support to allow existence outside of room, feature back fitted to Layout Blocks

Mode changed by double tap on the relevant block

In droppables mode tool palette changes to control visibility of Layout Blocks/RRH/Void

Allow sub walls to be drawn on RRH/VOID

Ability to control RHH/VOID visibility and affect on SQf/SQM in Layout mode

Outside Spaces

Outside Space Mode

Added ability to add Outside Spaces

Added combine shapes, square, triangle, semi-circle

Added measurement arrows for space, 2 per outside space

Spaces auto name – External Area X

Added crop of outside spaces in Layout Mode

Remove measurement arrows that fall in crop

Move/Calculate new position for measurement arrows on crop

Added default Outside Space Colour to settings file

Added default Outside Space names to settings file:

Front Garden, Rear Garden, Balcony, Patio, Decking

SNAP in Edit mode for droppables


Snap ON adds

Skylights snap to each other

Layout Blocks snap to each other

Kitchen cabinets snap to each other

Blocks snap to each other

Toilet/ToiletCC/Sink/Bidet snap to Kitchen cabinets (Kitchen Cabinets DO NOT snap to them)

Added Snap in re-size to droppable elements

Layout Mode Enhancements

Added native support for PDF / XPS from Export in Layout Mode

Added new snap fetures to LAYOUT mode

Floors/anotations snap in line with each other

Rotate of Primary floor (Green outline) rotates ALL floors and North Arrow

Centre line snap enabled for Page Layout

SNAP ON/OFF added to menu bar (Default SNAP ON)

Floors auto layout across page when entering LAYOUT mode

Removed additional unnecessary points from Permiter edit outside line

Support to drag room names outside rooms in Layout Mode

Ability to control RHH/VOID visibility and affect on SQf/SQM in Layout mode

Added support to show perimeter line on the plan



Additional Features

Additional predictors to start point when plan rotated to wall. Standard horizontal/vertical predictors also now available

Extracted zoom speed to settings file. recommended setting, Desktop 1.1, Tablet 1.6

Show more/less predictors based on zoom level

Seperated out Filename and Plan Title

Filename shown in chrome bar if app in desktop mode

Display predictors for layout blocks

Default internal wall thickness added to settings file (0.15 default)

WEB API to support Auto Updates

Added In app support to check for updates and download/install automatically

Split out Stairs and Spiral Stairs. Stairs now on own button. Spiral stairs added to droppables fly out menu

Added additional predictor support when offset is zero to allow return to wall(s) of attached room

Added breakout of @RoomDimension@

Supports, @RoomDimBigM@, @RoomDimLittleM@, @RoomDimBigFt@, @RoomDimLittleFt@

Added new droppable Items:

StairArrow, In, 1.5 Sink, Bidet, WetRoom, RolltopBathCentre, BathCentre, SpiralClockCUT, SpiralAntiClockCUT

Updated some exisiting droppables:

CornerBath, CornerShower, Shower, Hob, LargeHob

Added wall offset to Sink, 1.5Sink, Hob, LargeHob

Added surround offset to Boiler

Added support for decimalisation to SQM on Layout

Default 2 decimal places, can be configured in Settings File, “AreaRoundDigits”: 2

Added support for %UserProfile% in Settings file

Added further performance updates for Large plans in EDIT mode

Added further performance updates for Large plans in LAYOUT mode



NOTE: The file format in V1.2 has been updated to support the new features. V1.2 will open and convert older plans to the new format. It is not possible to open V1.2 files in previous versions of PlanEdge. All features are subject to change without notice.