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Floor Plan with grey layer
Tablet based floor plan software
  • Simple / Quick / Powerful / Accurate
  • Everything in one application
  • Significantly reduces turn around times
  • Advanced features - wall thickness, triangulation and curves
  • Create floor plans for the real world
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Time to re-think your workflow?
  • Wasting time reproducing plans in-house?
  • Paying for outsourced CAD services?
  • Spending time & money making amendments?
  • Restricted by usage limits?
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There is a better way - PlanEdge
  • Draw digital floor plans on-site, once!
  • Advanced features simplify complex plans
  • Output finished plans, no re-drawing
  • Allow clients to make simple amendments
  • Unlimited plans at a fixed monthly cost


Using a Windows tablet you can create the walls of a building directly onto the screen, using your finger or stylus. This creates an intuitive user interface and builds the plan visually as you go ensuring great accuracy.


Pairing to a Bluetooth laser measure ensures that dimensions are recorded correctly without error. All elements of a property can be measured if required, including wall thicknesses, doors, windows and fixtures / fittings.


Every element of the building can be captured including measurements, doors, windows and fixtures / fittings. This gives your plans a professional look and feel as well as being highly accurate.


Using the inbuilt layout editor, you can quickly and easily, label rooms, add measurements and change colours. The plans can be formatted in landscape or portrait with the addition of watermarks and square footage.


Whether you require vector or bitmap outputs, PlanEdge can export many standard formats including JPEG / PNG / GIF and print to any installed PDF printer for press quality output, all at the click of a button.

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Watch PlanEdge in action

See how easily floor plans can be created on-site, using PlanEdge floor plan software.

With simple desktop integration you can send complete plans to your clients the very same day.

Watch out for the triangulation of a curved wall half way through.

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Created on-site

When you leave the building the plan is complete, so no re-drawing later.

Desktop enabled

Access plans on-site, or at your desk, in one familiar application.

Bluetooth laser compatible

Allows fast and accurate transfer of measurements, directly into PlanEdge.

Windows tablet

Simple and intuitive gestures, leave you free to perform the task in hand.

Advanced features

Triangulate complex rooms and draw curved walls with ease.

Simple to edit

Easily edit or update plans. Clients can also make simple graphical changes.

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